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Businesses rely on their marks to communicate with potential customers about their brand. Registering your business’s marks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a crucial step to protect your business’s interests and reputation. When your trademarks are registered, you will hold the exclusive right to use them and can pursue other businesses that infringe on your rights. Connelly Law PLLC helps clients to research marks, apply for and secure trademarks, and to protect these valuable intellectual property assets.

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Searching Trademarks

Conducting a trademark search prior to the filing of a trademark application is an important step to avoid the rejection of your application as well as potential infringement of another’s trademark. Connelly Law PLLC performs comprehensive searches of trademarks for all our clients. The goal is to select a mark that is distinguishable to those already in use to avoid a likelihood of confusion, potential infringement and to place your application in the best position for registration.

When conducting a trademark search, we look for prior registrations and pending applications for similar trademarks that could pose problems for you during the pendency of the application process and, to the extent possible, identify others that might try to oppose your application. The goal of a trademark search is to help you to avoid the rejection of your application and a potential infringement lawsuit against you and/or your company. Having a trademark search conducted prior to the launch of your brand will also prevent the necessity and expense of having to select a new logo/trademark at a later date and time.


Applying to Register Trademarks

Filing applications to register trademarks with the USPTO is one way to help protect your brand. Before filing, you will need to consider several issues that the lawyers at Connelly Law PLLC will discuss with you. Some of these issues include clearance, whether you will be filing your application on a use or intent to use basis, and whether your mark is a word mark, design mark, or combination of both. The attorneys at Connelly Law PLLC will also review your business brochures and website where applicable to highlight potential additional intellectual property assets.

Federal registration of trademarks offers the following substantive benefits:

  • Constructive, nationwide notice of your ownership rights
  • Exclusive rights to use the mark nationwide on or in connection with the goods and services listed in the registration
  • Presumption of validity of the registered trademark
  • Ability to use the federal registration to seek foreign registration
  • Filing your registration with the U.S. Customs Service to prohibit foreign goods that infringe on your trademarks
  • Securing the jurisdiction of the federal court system if you have to sue for infringement

Registering your marks are an effective deterrent and can help to prevent other companies from using them and causing harm to your brand. Over time, consumers will come to associate your business with your trademark(s).

Every time that you want to use a name in connection with your business’s services or goods, you contact Connelly Law PLLC to provide you with an overview of the trademark process and recommendations specific to your business. The attorneys at Connelly Law PLLC will analyze your proposed trademarks and provide recommendations going forward, including but not limited to, potential conflicts, suggestions for alternate marks and assistance with the filing and prosecution of a federal trademark application.

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Trademark Infringement Litigation

The intellectual property attorneys at Connelly Law PLLC are experienced litigators who are licensed to appear before the USPTO, as well as the courts of Florida, New Jersey and New York. When you discover that another company is infringing on your marks, we can help you to protect your rights. We can assist you with the following types of issues:

  • Trademark infringement and unfair competition claims
  • Trademark dilution
  • Trade dress infringement
  • Cancellation and Opposition proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB)
  • Domain name issues and cybersquatting
  • Trademark licensing and merchandising disputes

If you encounter any of these types of issues, Connelly Law PLLC will advocate to protect your rights and fight to protect your brand.

Federally registering your marks can provide you with important safeguards and protections for your brand. Connelly Law PLLC can help you with the entire trademark process and is prepared to litigate on your behalf to protect your intellectual property rights. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.   

The preparation and prosecution of a patent application can be highly complex and often takes several years from start to finish.  At Connelly Law PLLC, we are prepared to assist you with this process.

We recognize protecting one’s intellectual property is an investment. At your initial consultation, we will provide you with an overview of the patent process and provide you with our recommendations going forward.  From patentability searches to the filing of a patent application and subsequent prosecution, we are here to assist you with all of your patent and intellectual property needs. To learn more and to schedule a consultation, contact Connelly Law PLLC today.

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If you have an idea and believe that you need intellectual property protection, we will be happy to review your IP portfolio. We can provide you with ideas and recommendations about how you can best protect your intellectual property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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