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If you are an inventor and have created a new design, product, or process, patenting your intellectual property is a good idea. For a patent to issue, the subject matter must be new, useful, and non-obvious over the prior art. Patents give an inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for the duration of the patent term. For a utility patent, the patent term is 20 years. A design patent has a patent term of 15 years from date of grant.  Inventors can choose to sell or license their patent rights to others. Because of the complex nature of patent law, getting help from an experienced intellectual property lawyer at Connelly Law PLLC is an important first step.

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Understanding Patentability Searches

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) only grants patents for inventions that are new, useful and non-obvious over the prior art. To do so, a USPTO patent examiner will compare a newly filed patent application with previously issued patents, prior pending patent applications and prior publications to determine whether the described inventions meet the eligibility criteria. To minimize the potential roadblocks going forward, the attorneys at Connelly Law PLLC perform patentability searches to identify prior art that may lead to the rejection of one’s patent application.

Analyzing whether your invention is non-obvious over prior art requires an examination of similar methods and devices predating your invention. In addition to issued patents and prior pending patent applications, Connelly Law PLLC will review prior periodicals, advertisements, disclosures, and internet references to determine what impact, if any, these references may have


Benefits of Patentability Searches

Before filing a patent application, having a patentability search conducted is an important step. Connelly Law PLLC can help with patentability searches to identify related prior art that could lead to a patent application being rejected by a patent examiner. In other words, a properly conducted patentability search will best identify potential roadblocks and allow an inventor to decide on how best to proceed in an economical manner. For example, if prior art is discovered, an inventor may choose to either not apply for a patent or attempt to invent around the existing technology. Filing a patent application is an expensive investment. The attorneys at Connelly Law PLLC will do their best to identify potential prior art to allow an inventor to make an educated and economical decision going forward.

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Prosecuting Patents

Patent prosecution includes drafting and submitting detailed patent applications and related drawings to the USPTO and addressing any and all concerns raised by a patent examiner during the prosecution process.  Patent prosecution differs from patent litigation. Patent litigation refers to addressing cases of infringement and enforcement after a patent has been granted. Prosecuting patents involves cooperation between the inventor and the attorney along with responding to inquiries of  patent examiners regarding substantive issues about the patentability of an invention.

The preparation and prosecution of a patent application can be highly complex and often takes several years from start to finish.  At Connelly Law PLLC, we are prepared to assist you with this process.

 We recognize protecting one’s intellectual property is an investment. At your initial consultation, we will provide you with an overview of the patent process and provide you with our recommendations going forward.  From patentability searches to the filing of a patent application and subsequent prosecution, we are here to assist you with all of your patent and intellectual property needs. To learn more and to schedule a consultation, contact Connelly Law PLLC today.


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